Tips to maintance your healthy eyes

At this time almost the whole society to know what the computer even though children already have been introduced since early with a computer. Unwittingly working with computers that carry the impact of less healthful for the health of us, for me it Minimize the following tips to keep the short radiation from the computer. Signs of the impact of radiation are often feels vague, a bit of a headache, and even the most distressing is the feeling of nausea that use for beginners

1. Try to install the filter on your computer monitor. this filter works to keep out the radiation that is not up to the eye.

2. Choose a form of LCD monitors / plasma. because this monitor is better than the old model of monitor. If you have enough money, buy a good VGA color monitor that is not tiring eyes.

3. Keep the distance with your eyes the computer monitor. Ideally the distance to the computer is 30 cm.

4. Keep abreast monitor with your eyes. do not be too low and too high. when you try to view the computer it's nice and comfortable

5. Set the color on the screen so well regarded eyes. not too bright because it can cause a glare into your eyes. also not too dark, because it will cause your eyes to work too hard, so make a quick dry eye.

6. Set a screen refresh rate is 75 htz .. if you use Windows XP, right-click on the desktop-properties-settings-advanced-monitor-see column screen refresh rate. set a 75 htz.

7. As often as possible blink the eyes. because with our eyes blink, will stimulate the tears gland to remove the water that serves to make the wet and humid. if you rarely blink eyes, the eyes will become dry. if the eye will continue to be forced to become ill and eventually squeeze. if you need to buy eye drops to make the eyes are always in the wet conditions.

8. You can buy the kind of glasses you can use the computer at the time.

9. Note the light around the room where you use a computer. try to supply enough light indoors. do not use a computer in a dark room (not enough light).

10. After the use of computers in a long period of time, the rest at least 15 minutes. you can see the view out the room to refresh the eyes. try to see objects such as green trees and leaves grasses. because according to the researchers, the color green is able to make fresh eyes again.

11. Consumption of foods containing vitamin A such as carrots. Also examined often for the eye to eye doctor to find out the impact on the eye. if the eyes are truly not feel comfortable, do not be embarrassed to use the glasses.

So that's a few tips from me. I hope after you apply these tips can make your eye health more awake.
Writing articles is one way for me to learn. I hope this information is useful to you in the way of life, especially in health care for the eye.

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Thanks to the way given, this is very useful for my work in front of the monitor. I think I can use this method to keep my eyes stay healthy

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