Easy ways Cheap Fuel

Fuel the day the more expensive, of course we must think how to use it sparingly, I have some tips for you
Some are:

  1. Keeping the filter clean oil remains: especially for diesel engines. A dirty oil filter can reduce engine performance, making extravagant fuel, and produce more pollution.
  2. Fill tires with CO2 (carbon dioxide): This is done by the Formula 1 technology. Not with Nitrogen (I'm a bit confused why a lot of this workshop is to provide - the air to breathe is only 80% of nitrogen!)
  3. Car-sharing: sharing a place in our vehicles for other people, then we have been helping to reduce global fuel consumption.
  4. Take the bike: Zero fuel since around 2002, in the UK I have a normal cycle to the office. Great fun, because there is a bicycle path in the canals of Birmingham. So we can avoid from the road, and cyclists can enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery along the canal is. Yan usual route is passed Pipe bridge (near Aston Villa stadiun / home) to the Farmer's Bridge no: 9 (Central Birmingham). Healthy body, and the cost of sparing. Unfortunately I can not do in Bandung, because I'm allergic to dust. But if you are, then clearly this is a quite interesting option.
  5. Keep tire air pressure: too low, then you remove the fuel is free. Too high, then your vehicle so easily slip. And in both cases will be equally harmful to tire more quickly.

Writing articles is one way for me to learn. I hope this information is useful to you in the way of life, especially in the development of technology.

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