How to travel in efektive

Here, I will deliver several Health Tips During the flight, especially for those of you who like to travel with the plane.

"'How Can I Improve Plane Travel?"'
* Bring the medicines in the bag. Ask your doctor whether the dose pattern changed when you sleep and eat and change. Take the medicine excess return if you cancel in.
* If you are diabetics, or epilepsy, carry identification cards that contain the name and phone number your doctor. Do not forget to bring along with drugs and doses to its name.
* Air in planes is very dry, drink alcohol-free drinks, and caffeine-free water to avoid dehydration.

"'What can I do about Jet Lag?"'
* Bedroom before departure
* Do not drink much alcohol
* Eat a balanced food
* Avoid excessive eating
* Sports
* Use sleeping pills for several days
* Familiarize with the time zone changes with the new food and sleep time

"'What About Pain in My Ears?"'
* Drinking dekongestan (such as pseudoephedrine) before you leave
* Frequently swallow and chew gum during the flight
* Give the baby's milk bottle on the baby
"'What else Should I Do?"'

Stoppage leg vein can occur after a long flight in even healthy people. Try to run for the flight (unless prohibited aircraft crew). Drinking water can also help white.

Writing articles is one way for me to learn. I hope this information is useful to you in the way of life, especially in travel.

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