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It was Closed, No More In Service

Recently I found the program very Hot and crowded discussed, Why?
Because this program offers EXTRAORDINARY paid $ 5 - $ 30 per referral that you submitted. And each time you finish filling your data and complete the 3 step as instructed, then there is $ 125 bonus for your membership. WOW ... and you need to know this program Free.

Want to know what the name of this program?
Okay ... The program name is Acme People Search (APS). Maybe you're still unfamiliar with this program. Acme People Search is an affiliate program that combines all the programs Money Income on the internet in one place. What are the money-producing program incorporated in the "Acme People Search"? among others, Clickbank, Adsense, HD Publishing, Reunion, GDI (Global Domain International), and many other programs.

This program was founded by a man named Tissa Godavitarne, one of Affiliate success from the United States is able to pocket more than 2.2 million Dollars from only one affiliate program that he attended. He also has a certificate of appreciation from Google Adwords as one of the Advertiser who has issued a budget of more than $ 600,000 USD for advertising on Google Adwords program. So it is unlikely this APS business program is a fraud, because if Mr. Tissa commit fraud, it certainly will damage his image in the eyes of GOOGLE, remember that GOOGLE has a reputation as the number one search engine in the world. Or if you do not believe you try to search in google by typing "people search Acme scam", the result is none of the DECLARE THAT APS is a scam or deceptive.

At the time of this post I made, this program is still relatively very new and not so much known by the people. Even so, in fact, has proven to have 2 people from Indonesia who had managed to get paid from the APS. Yes ... just 2 people!

This screenshot I got from Tissa webite:

And this is a screenshot of paypal payment received by Mohammad Taufik via email:

Okay .. There is one more screenshot of the people of Indonesia who have 2 payments from Tissa Godavitarne:

And this screenshot is accepted by Asep Nurdin:

Or you can see straight people all over the WORLD who have successfully put their names in the Top 125 people who received the latest payment from Acme People Search. please you're heading here. maybe later when you see the name of Mohammad Taufik and Asep Nurdin was not visible on the board of this evidence, it is because the evidence contained in the board are only some 125 people who received the latest payment.

Because this program is a program that has not so much unknown, so by knowing this, you can begin to start early.

You must have wondered how the contents of its website? Okay you can see their website at this link. click here. Their site simple but potentially very Extraordinary income.

What Benefits Following this program?

1. The program is managed by a professional, honest, and proven credible. Thus, the income you earn will be paid.
2. Follow this program for free. However, your income potential if enrolled in this program is very large.
3. Payments are made 2 times a month each on the date of 14/15 and 28 in each month.
4. Has a lot of people around the world enjoying success with this program. please see the list of people who have successfully received money from the "Acme People Search" by click
5. Payments made via PAYPAL account so the payment process easy, fast and effective.

These programs generally have 3 step that must be resolved:


1. Registration "Acme People Search" by clicking on this link FREE
2. After entering the email and the security number on the link above, you will receive an email, in email, there will be your USERNAME and PASSWORD, do not be deleted because, username can not be changed, if the password can be changed.
3. Open your email and click on the link that had been determined and you will begin to complete Step 1.
4. Join the 3 affiliate companies, they are:
- CLICKBANK, clikbank registration link in the APS.
- HD. for HD, click the registration link of HD in APS and registration as usual, because there is no problem.
- MY LIFE. for MY LIFE, do as the other application.

After registering at the three companies, you will receive AFFILIATE ID. Your username noted in a paper. AFFILIATE ID is three, for MyLife, CLICKBANK, and HD.

To Clickbank and HD, AFFILIATE ID you can get after signing up, but for MyLife, username will be sent to your email after you join there.

After obtaining the three affiliate ID, please log into your APS. after login,
click on "step 1 to success: affillatize!"
Enter the three AFFILIATE ID you have noted to their respective place. after this, you already can get $ 5 per invite someone, please click the "referrals" and there is a link for us to invite people to join.


For step 2, we NEED capital is $ 10 via paypal . wait a minute!! Do not faint yet!, because this is our job!, we can overcome the step 2.

If your paypal is verified, which means you are able to
complete step 2 NOW though your Paypal balance is only $ 0, and I've proved though my paypal balance $ 0.49.

to complete step 2, you are told to buy a domain name. example: (websiteanda). ws, remember! (. was) not (. com) or other. function of your site this is a search site people who live in the USA, with this site we can find addresses, phone numbers, etc.. every person who uses our site to find the USA, we get the dollar. where I have to buy that domain? APS had bought the GDI (Global Domains International) once again join GDI (GDI registration please follow the instructions in the APS )---> Once you have selected domanin name, you will be asked to pay via paypal $ 10, but rest assured that if you have verified paypal , we can validate these payments even though our paypal balance $ 0, why is that? because GDI gave the opportunity to try free trial for 7 days. then after 7 days you will receive a confirmation email from GDI, to continue or reject the domain purchase (. was) for $ 10, all up to you, and if you refuse to buy the domain name (. was), this will not make you lose bonus $ 125 on your APS account. so just do the free trial process domain (was) this for 7 days, so you are entitled to $ 125 bonus. The evidence I've managed to make this trial purchase, even though my paypal balance is $ 0.49. "REMEMBER, GDI WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR PAYPAL BALANCE IF YOU REFUSE TO CONFIRM EMAIL FROM GDI AFTHER 7 DAYS".

When you finish, you will receive a username and password from your website. and log on to the APS and click "step 2 to success: moneyize". follow further instructions.

Purchase domain in GDI, It's expensive because the domain name (. Ws) in the GDI domain is international class, which was reported for the next few years will compete and beat the domain name (. Com). do not worry because it is the domain price is only $ 5 USD and the remaining $ 5 USD will be paid to the sponsors above you, a 5-level height.

The good news is you will get similar treatment. So if you get a prospect who enrolled at the your link referall of GDI then you will get $ 1 per month. and applies to the depth of 5 levels. if there are 10 people then you get $ 10 USD and your monthly expenses are covered and WAIT!! even each time you get 5 people who ordered domains (. was) then you will get a $ 100 USD. Especially if there are 10 people signed up then you will have TOTAL = $ 10 + $ 200 ($ 100 USD bonus every 5 people ordered domain) = $ 210 USD.

If you do not believe? See GDI leader here. Tissa name also appears in Godavitarne Leader GDI.

Just INFO, I am one of Mr. Tissa downline in GDI. so if you are my downline in GDI, you also will be his downline, and he promised to help promote his referrals, READ his promise in the member area APS.

You will benefit from following the APS, because all the people who register at Acme People Search through your referral link will automatically be led to follow the affiliate program from 4 companies. 4 companies are Clickbank, HD Publishing, Reunion and the GDI, the person must be registered through affilliate link or your referral link too.


If you have completed Step 1 and Step 2 above, then in Step 3 you will be given free promotion your site by Tissa on Google (adwords), Yahoo and MSN for 30 days. yes only 30 days ... And if you feel satisfied with this free promotion for the next month so Tissa Godavitarne will charge $ 29 USD per month. But if afther 30 days, you want the campaign itself does not matter. And "and remember even though you decided not to promote through Tissa after 30 days, your bonus money is $ 125 remains in your APS account".

After you have completed the 3rd step, and wait for about 2 days then your APS account will be sent $ 125. Check account on referral menu.

NB : Your earning potential from a single referral is $5 - $30, details are $ 5 if it completed step 1, $ 10 if it completed step 2, and $ 15 if completed step 3.

Okay Step 1, step 2 and step 3, I have explained.
There are billions of targets throughout the world, who can you introduce this business. Because of THIS business for free, so you have no trouble getting people to join in the APS.
Perform your application HERE.


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