Earthquake hit the ground back to my birth

ohh .. no, an earthquake hit the ground back to my birth, what really happened?. was 5 times earthquakes hit Indonesia in the past month, the first at the beginning of the month occurred in the city of Padang, 7.6 SR magnitude earthquake that killed over 1000 people, followed the earthquake in the city of Riau, Jakarta, Makasar and the last morning In the BIMA NTB. Earthquake in Bima reported 6.7 SR magnitude caused 2 people died, and 1000 more homes were badly damaged.

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Nevada real estate ce said...

Definitely not the best thing to experience. Any disaster, anything that can cause thousands of homes to be destroyed, leave people homeless and even kill people can inflict trauma so I know how you are feeling. I survived a few near death experiences.

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