Living With Healthy Food

Many among us who choose only to taste the food without thinking about the health benefits of food for our bodies, do you include one of them? I hope you are not what I meant.

Healthy foods are needed to maintain immunity from the disease, sometimes we are wrong in choosing the food, thus making us susceptible to disease. How to choose healthy foods? choosing healthy foods is very simple, but often we ignore it, for whatever reason you are obliged to follow the rules, if you want to live healthy you should be able to choose healthy foods.

According to nutrition experts, healthy food should come from organic materials, such as: Fruit and vegetables are produced without pesticides and organic fertilizers. in addition, food processing should not use cooking oil and cooking not too long.

But choosing healthy foods from organic material that does not mean escape from the poisons, toxins in organic foods comes of two factors namely:
1. Toxins in the food itself.
2. Germs that stick to the food, the way bacteria can be eliminated that by giving antibiotics.

Entry of food toxins in the body should be avoided, these foods such as : fat, baked foods, table salt, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods. if ingested poisons go, the body will detoxify, detosifikasi is the expenditure of toxic substances from the body. Organs involved in cleansing the poison that are intestine and liver.

for detoxification run optimally, it is advisable to consume healthy foods, like as vegetables and fruit.

So start from now, you should be able to choose healthy foods for your body, if not, you will often enter the hospital, because of mistakes in choosing healthy foods.

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You are right...when it comes to eating don't just please your palates but you also have to consider if they are good for your body or way of getting a healthy diet is by eating foods that are rich in fiber like vegetables and much as possible, avoid fatty and processed foods.

food diet said...

nice information. ..when it comes to eating don't just please your palates but you also have to consider if they are good for your body or not. healthy diet = healthy life :)

Medical Education said...

There are certain things which must be considered while choosing appropriate diet for you like, the the containing nutrients, amount of carbohydrate fats, protiens, vitamins etc. you must know what benefit that particular food can give you. so you must gain information about the food you are eating in your daily life.

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