Three Unique Ways to Advertise With Me


1. Ads Cost $ 1 Per Six Times tweet- You are only preparing advertising materials along with the link url no longer than 140 characters- Setting Time (GMT), when the ad will be posted according to your wishes.- Then your ad will be posted six times using six lists twitter account. Details is an ad for a twitter account. Your ads will spread to hundreds of thousands of people.

We strongly prohibit loud about SPAM act, so in six times to post an ad, we will give a time interval of about 10 minutes for the next ad. Thus, our twitter account to stay awake and do not break the rules twitter.
Each finished posting your ad, we will send proof of your ad URL link to your email.
Please note: If you ever advertise with us using the same advertising material, we will ask you to use other words, this to avoid SPAM act.
If you are interested in these types of ads, please email to with the letter "I'M INTERESTED IN TYPES OF ADVERTISING, PAY PER 6 Tweet" and follow further instructions.

2. Place URL links to twitter profile
Advertise With Cost $ 2 per day for a twitter account. This advertising is put your url link to our twitter account profile. Can you imagine for a twitter account, we have always experienced growth of 250 people per day (check), if you advertise for a long time for 7 days only one account, so potential visitors to your URL link is 7 days x 250 = 1750 visitors, with the cost only $ 2 x 7 days = $ 14.
- You just choose which account you want to install your url link- Determine how many days you wish to insert a link url

But before choosing twitter account that you want to be attached link, you must check the availability of account here
If you are interested in this type of ad, please email to with content "I'M INTERESTED IN TYPES OF ADVERTISING, LINK TO PROFILE" and follow further instructions

Remember Don't SPAM Act

3. Advertise On My Idea
The third advertising is that I give you the opportunity to provide ideas on how to advertise on twitter, which according to you is efektive.

But I'm not going to approve your advertising idea, if your idea leads to SPAM act that could harm our twitter account and our followers.

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kailua travel deals said...

These are new and effective advertising ideas..thanks a lot of sharing them with us..I just hope people won't abuse this tricks and use it to spam ...that way search engines won't penalized those who are using it correctly.

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